Monday, April 23, 2018

Glass Shelves

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Tempered glass can be used for shelves in display cases or as shelving on wall systems. Glass shelves are a great accent for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and many other places in your home or business.
Custom Made Glass Furniture offers custom cut tempered glass shelves, allowing you to get just the look you desire.
Maybe you have an achievement to display in the office or finally want to give your sports memorabilia a special place in your den or garage. With custom tempered glass shelves they will have the place they deserve. Custom tempered glass shelves are durable and safe. Give whatever room you chose to put them in, that great look of more space and beautiful depth.
Most of the time these shelves have exposed edges, giving you the option of adding another level of detail to better reflect your personal style. Seamed edge comes standard with your order. If the edge is going to show, consider a rounded (pencil) or flat edge, as preferred by many as it gives a more finished look when edges are visible.
After choosing whether or not you want a rounded or flat edge, you get to choose between a polish or grind. A polish gives a shiny and glossed finish, while a grind provides a frosted matte finish. This small detail can impact the overall effect you are wanting to create in your space.
Sometimes we get clients who have something special in mind for their edges. If you have a custom idea for your edge work, there’s a good chance that we can do that for you too. Give us a call or Click Here and we can make your dream a reality.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Glass Dining Table in your Living room

Our glass dining tables are made with high quality materials to offer you a contemporary stylish piece for your home. A glass dining table offers a crisp, elegant simplicity which allows you to enjoy everyday meals to special occasions. Our range is varied with something for all tastes.
We are manufacturing the high quality glass dining tables and other items of furniture. For our glass items we use high quality tempered polished glass for safety and longevity.
Versailles Mirrored Dining Table
The glass table tops can be made in clear, smoked or starphire glass (ultra clear glass with no green tinge). We are offering a wide range of mirrors and antique mirror finishes. You can choose from regular and custom shapes.
You will notice that all of the glass dining tables in the range are of a glass-only construction.

The modern glass dining table is considered to be the most important center piece in the living room and to make an impressive interior design statement there can’t be any better material than glass.
Contact us at Custom Made Glass Furniture and get the furniture you'll like.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Glass Table Tops Make A Small Space Seem Larger

Living in a small space may seem tough, but there are many design ideas such as using glass table tops to make the area seem larger. Glass table tops reflect light and create a modern distinctive look. Glass table tops are very practical since they are easy to clean and care for.

Glass table tops are also a hassle-free way to give furniture a new look. 

For example, if you want to refresh an older piece of furniture without having to deal with stains or paint, glass table tops are a great option.

  1. Glass table tops are a great choice for smaller rooms because the visually minimize the furniture in the room.
  2. If you have a small space, use smaller furniture that scale with your living space.
  3. Furniture with legs appears less heavy than furniture that sits directly on the floor.
  4. Clear furniture makes the living space appear larger.
  5. Add a little character to your glass table top by adding a table runner, place mats, fruit bowls or candle center pieces.
  6. Round glass table tops make a room appear larger and can seat more people.
  7. A square glass table top can give a smaller space some cohesion.
  8. Smaller spaces need to be kept clean and clutter free. Organize so every item has its place.
  9. Glass front bookcases add to an organized look. For some reason things look more organized if they are behind glass.
  10. Add a large mirror to give the appearance of more space.

Design your own space with all types of custom tempered glass custom cut to your specifications. Glass comes in many thicknesses and colors.